Wer hat Infos zu OMC-Markets? Bitte melden

Bei den EFRI-Registrierungen zu den Aktionen rund um Safemarket und xTraderFX weisen uns Geschädigte immer wieder auf für uns neue Plattformen hin, von denen sie ebenfalls akquiriert wurden.   Besonders häufig nennen uns die Geschädigten auch die binäre Options Plattform OMC-Markets.  Die bei dieser Plattform angewandten Methoden ähneln sehr den Methoden bei xTraderFX und safemarkets,.. und offensichtlich wurden auch die selben Kunden angesprochen. So wie Options888 dürfte der Hauptsitz der Betreiber in Montenegro sein. Die Plattform ist auch sehr aktiv im deutschen Raum tätig. Auch hier dürfte es bereits tausende Geschädigte geben. Wer Informationen zu dieser Plattform hat: wirtschaftlicher Eigentümer, wo sitzen die CallCenter, verwendete Finanzdienstleister?, bitte melden sich sich bei uns ([email protected]) oder auch über unser Whistleblowersystem.

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    As a basic information for you :
    OMC Markets is owned and operated by by Eventuall Limited – a company based in Montenegro. Unfortunately the broker does not have a license to provide financial services on major markets like EU, the USA, Australia and Japan.

    From my VISA account the amount was debited on 20. of March 2019
    -The money went to BAKU AZE. Accountholder: OMCMARKETS.COM
    -Calls and Trading obviously are done from London
    -They say that they are regulated by FCA and that they work with them, but they are not listed.

    Here are some contact numbers:
    Mr. Eric, Head of Finance Department, at OMCMarkets, London, (so he introduced himself twice)
    0044 2032856303 on 3.6.2019 at 14.10h CH-time. (Could well be, that this number is already inactive….)

    Link to get on their platform :
    (ID ist 608272 / qw114 was ment for me to use)

    Further infos :
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Mr. Alan speaks good german and he was my telefone contact to start with…..
    Later on he was no more responsable for me and asked me to contact the trader directly, whom I still don’t know……
    (These numbers belong to Mr. Alan, Compliance Department….
    I must assume, that they use the basic investment of € 250.00 for them selves, and work with lawless tactics. They probably believe, that «clients» will give up some day. So OMCMARKETS has an indirectly income, which does probably not show in any books. Ungry reports from ex-clients proofs this assuming tactic…..
    In short : Fact is, that they take out our deposit money but no trading takes place !!!!!!!!!!!!! Comforting mails over and over again, until the client gives up!
    NOT ME!

    Due to the fact, that english is not my mother tongue, you may find some mistakes and further I had to exchange some words in connection with their tactics.
    But I’m convinced that the whole world understand my concern !!

    This was my last mail to Mr. Eric, on 4.6.2019:

    Dear Mr. Eric

    Since you hesitate to write mails, I may recall from my side what happend since
    21. of March 2019, and ask you to comment this.

    Fact 1:
    On 21. of March 2019 I asked to return my invested money with immediate effect.
    Reason: Brokers were dishonest, they work with comforting mails, on and on….and questionable tactics. (i.e. a present of further € 250.00 on the account….)

    Fact 2:
    Since 21. of March 2019, nonsense mails were sent by the compliance dept. to my address without performing towards the responsable brokers. All comforting mails only !!!

    Fact 3:
    Would only one of the brokers have acted correctly, my money would be here since 21. of April 2019 (remembering your words that it takes according to rules and regulations in UK one month to get the money back)…… Non performance in all aspects!!!!!!!!!
    (International law : Money which has not entered any trading yet and below 1’000.00, must be returned immediately by request. 15.000.00 need one month. Above that, one has to send a notice). It is nonsense that UK ticks different, but it could well be a special tactic at OMC Markets…… which would be against the law, rules and regulations of for example FCA.

    Fact 4:
    the nonsense of comforting mails kept on sent by the compliance dept.

    Fact 5:
    Suddenly the compliance dept. had a new idea to gain time……. now they needed new document to proof my existence. The mail came from Lina , compliance dept.
    dated 9. of May 2019. Yet, I also had a call from somebody from the finance dept. obviously to get my voice for testing, enabling OMC to return my momey. It was said that this is essential . I accepted the phone call and had the impression, that now it may works……… But far away from reality,

    Fact 6:
    And once again according to your words said on 30.5.2019, it needs one months to get the money out. Therefore my money should be here by the 9. of June 2019, which of course does not happen because of Fact 7.

    Fact 7:
    On 30. of May 2019, after so many mails from my side, you contacted me by phone as Head of Finance Dept. of OMC and with the name „Eric“. You said that it is the first time, that you hear about my withdrawal request (which I requested on
    21. of March 2019), and that as of today (30.5.2019 your call) It will take one month to release my money and to return it to my account Nr. (fully known by your compliance dept. and the bank where it got booked in.)

    Fact 8:
    Even after realizing and confirming by you, that yes there were made some mistakes…. and that a great mismanagement took place at your brokers part, you still keep my money for another month. Payment is overdue since 21. of April 2019 (remembering your words) How insolence is this ???? Above all, not a single apology from your side ; neither orally nor written.

    Fact 9: OMC acts in my case since 21. of March 2019 with questionable tactics. And yet you still asked me by the next call on 3.6.2019, whether I would like to invest during this month my money………..And again, how insolence is this….. ? You are probably convinced about my stupidity………..
    Fact 10:
    This mail will be spread to all important authorities incl. UK, to inform them about OMC Markets and their questionable tactics.

  2. das gleiche ist mir auch passiet, seit 3 Monate ware ich auf die auszahlung von cca 2000 e, und bis jetzt ist nichts passiert, obwohl ich jeden Tag mails schreibe bekomme ich immer die gleiche Antwort, und Herr Schulz meldet sich überhaupt nicht mehr und antwortet eine mails nicht mehr

  3. They have done same to me with the same name is have almost 7000 euros on my account and I am unable to get my money back I have the every chat and emails sent from my end and from the omc markets they are a group of thugs.

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